Southern Electric

Southern Electric were one of the original electricity boards, known at the time as Southern Electric Board until a name change in 1990 to Southern Electric plc

In December Southern Electric and Scottish Hydro Electric had a no premium merger at which point SSE was formed. Southern Electric is today effectively a brand of SSE that is available throughout England.

Today SSE  are one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK with five separate brands, Airtricity, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Scottish Hydro and most recently Atlantic.

As a supplier of electricity, gas and other home services SSE have some 10 million customer accounts. In addition SSE:

  • has over 11,000 megawatts of capacity for generating electricity in power stations, hydro electric schemes and wind farms;
  • has around 128,000km of overhead electricity lines and under ground cables, delivering power to around 3.5 million homes, offices and businesses;
  • has a 50% share of Scotia Gas Networks, which has around 73,000km of pipelines delivering gas to around 5.7 million homes, offices and businesses;
  • is the UK's largest onshore gas storage facility;
  • is the UK's second largest mechanical and electrical contracting business; and
  • is the UK's fourth largest telecoms network company.


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