first:utility previously traded under the brand first:telecom and have been an established competitive telecoms provider since 1994, first:utility states that they are underpinned by the values of service and simplicity which are supported by our continual investment in technology.

With its proven success in servicing large customer bases, first:utility is ideally positioned to leverage its expertise and deploy smart meters to commercial and residential customers alike.

Smart Metering
By investing in smart metering with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Technology for all first:utility business and residential customers, first:utility provide the benefits of consistently accurate and timely billing, on-line half hourly consumption values, historical customer profiles (daily and monthly) and alternative tariffs not available from the traditional incumbent suppliers.

Smart Metering is not however provided for the iSave dual fuel energy tariff launched on the 11th September 2009.

Energy Efficiency
Climate Change is an important issue that more and more customers, both commercial and residential, are becoming aware of. first:utility aims to provide customer with practical advice on how to use their energy more efficiently. This in combination with smart metering provides first:utility customers with a much greater opportunity to reduce their energy usage which in turn will reduce costs and carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

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This page was last updated 11th September 2009