Ecotricity is an energy company with a difference. As green energy pioneers, the company is dedicated to building new sources of renewable energy to fight climate change.

Ecotricity take the money their customers spend on electricity and invest it in clean forms of power like wind energy. For the last four years they have invested more per customer in building new sources of renewable energy than any other UK supplier. In fact in 2007 they invested more per customer than all the other suppliers put together. What's more, they're the only green electricity company actually building these new renewable energy sources.
Ecotricity is recommended by the Soil Association, Christian Aid, the Cooperative Bank and WWF-UK, the latter stating that ‘the only credible model for customers investing in new wind projects via their bill payments comes from Ecotricity’. The company also won the prestigious Ashden Award for Energy Business in 2007.

Conventional or ‘brown’ electricity is the biggest single cause of climate change in the UK - responsible for over 30% of our CO2 emissions.  It follows that changing the way we make our electricity is the biggest single thing any of us can do to fight climate change.

And, funnily enough, changing where your electricity comes from is probably the easiest thing you can do. It takes about five minutes to simply switch to Ecotricity. Then sit back and let them do the rest.

Switching to Ecotricity is the biggest difference you can make with your electricity bill. For every pound their customers spend with them on their electricity, they spend another pound building new sources of green electricity. They like to think of it as ‘turning electricity bills into windmills’. And the more customers they have the more they can build, it’s that simple. 

They have an Ethical Price Promise, which means that every customer gets the same 100% Green Electricity or Green Gas tariff along with the same, best price, regardless of when they signed up or how they pay. In fact Ecotricity have the most stable prices in the UK with no price increase since January 2013.

Ecotricity are not a conventional power company. They don’t think or act in the same way. Call and you’ll speak to one of them, somebody who knows what they do and is keen to help you. They don’t exist to make money for shareholders, they exist to change the way electricity is made. 

It probably couldn’t be easier to switch.  The only thing that changes is who you pay your next electricity bill to. And that’s a big change. The biggest you can make.

The easiest place to make the comparison and change is here at Energylinx, so take two minutes and see just what you can do.

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This page was last updated 1st July 2009