Ebico Ltd is a not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier aiming to offer a better, fairer deal for domestic energy to British households. Ebico are also an expanding enterprise committed to working both for social justice and the wise use of the earth’s resources, in a variety of ways.

Founded in 1998, Ebico has been making a real difference for ten years, especially to low-income households – but also to the planet. Ebico’s title acronym derives from their original name: the Equitable Billing Company. Ebico are at the forefront of fair energy pricing, and well over 50,000 UK homes have already switched to Ebico’s fair tariffs.

Why do people choose Ebico? Many choose Ebico because Ebico’s prices are cheaper for them.

And many others choose us because they know Ebico’s prices are fairer for everyone. Still others choose Ebico for their innovative carbon-offsetting service, and because their tariff structure is simple, transparent and straight-forward.

Ebico’s core business aim is to reverse the dominant market trends within our own commercial ventures. Instead of competing for the business of those who can spend most, by offering them the best deals and cheaper rates, Ebico use the combined purchasing power of all their customers to achieve ethical results that benefit the majority – while putting first those who have least.

Energylinx allows you to compare Ebico against all other energy suppliers operating in the UK domestic market. You will see that Ebico has three tariffs EquiGas, EquiPower and EquiDual.

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This page was last updated 1st July 2009